When we decorate out home for Christmas we try to create a festive atmosphere in every room – the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen. We decorate the front yard, the porch and the stairs. However there is one important place that people tend to forget – the bathroom. We will show you 20 Christmas shower curtains which will bring a smile on your face and you will be in a festive mood since morning.


Christmas shower curtains – an easy way to decorate for Christmas


The bathroom is the first place we visit in the morning and the last one before we go to bed. How to decorate your bathroom for Christmas and turn an ordinary bathroom into a bright and attractive place? There are many creative ways to do that but one of the easiest is to get one of the fantastic Christmas shower curtains. They can be installed in just a few minutes and when you decide to remove them you can do so in no time.


Many stores offer really cute shower curtains for Christmas and you can add some festive towels and rugs to complete the decor. Imagine how happy the kids will be taking their bath when you have a Santa scene, for example, filling your bathroom with holiday joy. You can opt for printed fabric shower curtain with festively wrapped gift boxes and holiday bells motif. Red and green accents on the top and bottom create a colorful border and a cheerful holiday atmosphere in the bathroom.

How to choose Christmas shower curtains?


There are Christmas shower curtains with different designs. When choosing your Christmas themed shower curtain you need to follow some practical tips. The first one is to choose waterproof curtains. This will prevent your curtains from mold and mildew. Choose the color of your Christmas curtain to match your bathroom interior. You can get additional accessories like bath towels, soap dispensers and floor rugs to add to the Christmas theme in the bathroom.


Make sure you buy the correct size and height for your bathroom. In terms of design the choices are numerous – snowmen, Santa Claus, reindeer, penguins, Christmas trees – all these and many more are available to choose from.

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20-christmas-shower-curtains-christmas-spirit-to-make-you-smile-img014 20-christmas-shower-curtains-christmas-spirit-to-make-you-smile-img015 20-christmas-shower-curtains-christmas-spirit-to-make-you-smile-img016 20-christmas-shower-curtains-christmas-spirit-to-make-you-smile-img017 20-christmas-shower-curtains-christmas-spirit-to-make-you-smile-img018 20-christmas-shower-curtains-christmas-spirit-to-make-you-smile-img019 20-christmas-shower-curtains-christmas-spirit-to-make-you-smile-img020 20-christmas-shower-curtains-christmas-spirit-to-make-you-smile-img021

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Source: http://www.minimalisti.com

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