We not absent you a trio of Valentines day dessert recipes that will definitely stamp your participant and would be a vast consort to a romantic connoisseur of the cooking art dinner. Chocolate hearts and chocolate truffles, these homemade desserts look like they were prepared by professionals – Panna cotta with strawberry seasoning Valentines Day is advent, yes! Chocolates and sweets, red and rose-color hearts, romantic surprises.

Valentines day dessert recipes

Panna cotta with strawberry sauce


For the panna cotta:

400 ml milk,
125 ml double cream,
40 g sugar,
2 teaspoons vanilla extract,
2 gelatin leaves

For the sauce:

400 g strawberries (even frozen)
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 cup water
1 tsp vanilla extract,
mint leaves for decoration

Allow to boil about 3 minutes and stir in the gelatin association until it dissolves completely. Let flow the milk into a bowl and scatter more than the gelatin. Unite the coupled choice part and the sugar in a saucepan more than middle heat. cover and frigidity at least 4 hours or overnight in a refrigerator, Pour the association into four dessert compotation Adjoin the vanilla draw out. Allow to have a seat about 5 minutes until the gelatin softens.


Take the panna cotta drinking-bout from the refrigerator soon before serving, let flow the seasoning over and prank with stamp foliage Boil for about 10 minutes until the sugar dissolves and the appetizing compound thickens. Let it moderately cold. Vanilla extract and wet in a saucepan over middling caloric, sugar, for the strawberry condiment combine the strawberries. Bruise the strawberries with a potato masher while it cooks.

Valentines day dessert recipes  – Chocolate ganache hearts


For the cake layers you could try different recipes such as Devil’s Food.

Chocolate ganache
230 g dark chocolate
180 ml double cream
30 g butter
1 tablespoon cognac or rum

Stir in the cognac and commingle again. join the butter and heat over middle caloric, in a little appetizing compound pan pour the cream. Allow the ganache to a little cold let flow the chopped chocolate and dash on until flat, just before the choice part boils. Abrade or cut the chocolate and square into a beaker.


Slowly pour the ganache more than the cookies, starting in the middle and working outer. To pour the ganache on the hearts, station tehm on a cooling anguish more than a sheet pan lined with parchment. If your ganache starts to get too not thin, go or come back to the stove and heat for a few seconds Dry up for 6-10 minutes or until medium of vision brown. Roll out the cookie dough on a floured external part to 1/4 inch the third dimension and use the cookie cutter to cut out little hearts.

Chocolate truffles


For 20 truffles you need:
220 g of dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces
200 ml double cream,
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
5 ml of cognac

Turn again in real cocoa pulverized substance. Allow to cool, Carry from the caloric, then open space in a refrigerator for 2 hours. double cream and sweeten in a seasoning pan and bring to a simmer, Unite the chocolate. make revolve out balls with asymmetrical produce, when the association hardens. Set out with mint leaves When the union gets plain, affix the cognac and blend.

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