Many people have the desire to use garages not only for „harboring“ of the family car, but for the organization on some items and tools. The problem is that the place is not always enough. We offer five useful ideas for small garage.


Make the most of the walls

Racks, rails on which to attach panniers – all this you can do a perfect job in the small garage as easily collect all your belongings without a loan from accruing to the car seat . If possible, one wall lined with cork, to be able to use all its space for hanging .

Think about how to use the ceiling

It may sound strange, but the ceiling can also help you maximize the use of space in a small garage. For example , buy a bicycle rack that can be mounted on the ceiling , not holding them to the car.

Alternatively, in the upper part of the walls , as well as all their sequel to place shelves on which to hold boxes with useful items. Thus, below the place remains free .


Convenience of magnetic tape

The magnetic tape is the ideal solution if you have many tools and so you do not have room for them in the garage. Enough to fit one or two along one wall in the garage and attach it to any metal tools such as pliers, wrenches , saws , hammers and the like.

The secret is in the organization

Good organization is always a solution to the limited space and this rule applies to small garage. Obtain glass jars of various sizes to gather them in smaller parts.


All jars may order the shelf on a wall in the garage or in a special basket . Note that the organizer for handbags, shoes and scarves can also be very useful in a small garage. The difference is that it will replace fashion finds with instruments briefcase DIY .

Use optical tricks

The garage is a room like any other home , so here to the rules and optical tricks that are used and the furniture and decor of the other smaller rooms . Paint the walls of the garage in bright colors to make it look more spacious . Install and good lighting – light also lying eyes that you are more prominent .

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