The pictures are a reflection of the happy moments, so are so valuable and important to the family. Home, complete with photographs, is an emblem of harmony and understanding family. See our ideas how to arrange the photo wall.

We offer 7 ideas for arrangement of pictures to form a spectacular and stylish photo wall at home:

Classical symmetry

If you do not like to experiment, fans are in order at home and you want everything to be in place, then go to the symmetry in the photo wall. For this purpose take 9 square picture frames and hang them in 3 rows 3 pieces to form a square.


Nothing prevents to leave the central part of the wall in the room empty, and organize your photo sitting in the corner. Pictures arranged so that there are several on one wall, and several of the other adjacent. The good thing is that here you can safely bet chaotic „layout“.

Focus photo

Arrange photo wall so that you have a central image, which is the focal point, and around it are arranged numerous smaller frames. This idea is suitable if you want to make a photo wall with wedding photos.

Tiered organization

Arrange several rectangular picture frames stepwise. Thus keeping the symmetry, but photo wall does not seem so strictly ordered.

Series of emotions

In one line hook 3 or 5 images, each of which show you, a family member or the whole family in a series of emotions, so the pictures reflect your different faces. This idea is suitable if you want to arrange the photo wall in the nursery.

Mix of memories and thoughts

Nobody has said that photo wall should only include photographs of you or family. You can diversify by placing framed also favorite thoughts, beautiful landscapes, natural elements (dry leaves, flowers herbarium, etc.) or as a whole thing that impressed.

Art idea

If you like unusual decor and home bet of eclectic style, then try with art decoration photo wall. For this purpose, pull the string from one end to the other on one wall and using a small, decorative clips attach your photos.
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