Easter table decorations combine not only a rich variety of dishes, but also a skillful selection of colors and materials which will help you to create the atmosphere of the holiday.

Easter is a bright holiday, which symbolizes the new life, and to emphasize this feeling, you should choose warm colors for the decoration of the table.

 Easter table decorations – what colors to use


Yellow is a symbol of vitality, joy and light. Green will represent freshness and Nature. Red is the color of love, which symbolizes the infinite love of Jesus to all people. Neutral white color always looks solemn and sophisticated and warm pastel colors, subtle shades of bright colors will add charm to the table setting. All this variety of colors can find its rightful place on the holiday table and the various items that you can use for your Easter table decorations. If you like to use multiple colors, make sure that the colors are in harmony with each other.

Creative ideas for Easter table decorations


Choose the Easter table decorations according to your taste. If you are more attracted to neutral tones then arrange your Easter table in beige or pink color. An Easter bunny made of porcelain looks stylish and elegant. Cute Easter baskets full of beautifully painted Easter eggs should be a part of your festive decoration. They look best arranged either as a side decoration to the plates, or as atable centerpiece. If you like a more traditional festive table decoration, you may opt for white tablecloths, napkins, silverware or porcelain. To emphasize the special occasion, use small but very original parts servings. For example, Easter eggs can be used as a kind of invitation to the table and a place card.


Tender pastel colors always look good


Sweet napkin folding for the Easter table


White purple color palette for the festive decor


Romantic Easter table decoration


Bright colors add festive atmosphere to the home


Combine different fresh colors

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