You can use these delicate desserts to impress your guests or as a dower for household and friends. Chocolates or fruits, just mix a destiny of chocolate and fill up it with cookies. Easter behave to formulary – how to make a chocolate egg
This Easter deal by recipe is super easy, sport and delicious. That is why we would like to offer you an easy Easter deal with prescription and draw in the breath you to make your own void chocolate eggs. Easter eggs can be not only elegant dyed but also very delicate. Have pleasantry :). But the archetype to create your own Easter chocolate eggs is invented, at first gleam it may seem herculean.

Easter treat recipe – make a chocolate egg

easter eggs recipe melt chocolate pieces dessert decorations

You will need :
– 2.5 large chunks of milk chocolate
– Finely chopped dark chocolate
– 2 small pieces of white chocolate
– 2 plastic egg moulds 500 g (which can be found in bakerware shops)
– 1 large spoon ( wooden or plastic )
– spatula

Let’s get to work !
1. Dislodge and stir the admixture. Pour the prepared mixture on both half eggs and and tilt them on all sides to cover every inch of the mould Reiterate the advance once or two times until the intermixture is completely melted. Area the chocolate pieces in a fireproof container and heat in microwave for 30 seconds.
2. Subjoin the chopped shady chocolate and compound well until it gets even.

easter treat recipe chocolate eggs decorations delicious food ideas

3. Turn round them upside down on a grid to let the remaining redundance dribble out Let flow back the undue amount in a goblet and rasp the edges with a flat spatula.

delicious chocolate eggs stuffing easter party treat

4. Once completely frigid, unmould each egg by carefully pulling the edges and tapping gently the egg. Courtyard the mould in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes. pour another stratum of white chocolate and reiterate, when the first chocolate stratum is locate.

5. The ovum should be at least 3 mm not thin, otherwise it might tear asunder

easter treat recipe chocolate dessert fun food idea

6. Melt some white chocolate and paint stripes and polka dots to decorate.

Now just choose your filling!

decorated easter eggs festive dessert homemade chocolate recipe
In this case we will use :
– 1 can condensed milk
– 1 small package of shredded coconut
– 1 tablespoon desalinated butter
Mix all ingredients and melt on low heat. Pour the mixture in a bowl and let it cool then fill the egg.

chocolate eggs decorations easter kids surprise

Truffle cream
– 350 g of dark chocolate
– 200 g light cream
– 1 tablespoon brandy
Put the cream and chocolate in a saucepan and leave on slow fire. Stir until all ingredients melt. Remove from heat and add the brandy. Leave to cool.

easter treat recipe chocolate dessert delicious food ideas


Easter treat recipe – different chocolate eggs filling and decorations

hollow chocolate eggs easter white milk layers sprinkles


easter treats chocolate eggs strawberries decoration


easter eggs chocolate recipe idea strawberries sprinkles

easter treat recipe fresh fruits sundae delicious biscotti

Easter chocolate egg filled with fresh fruits or sprinkles

handmade easter delicious food ideas chocolate dessert decorations


easy easter recipe half part chocolate egg dessert idea nuts

stuffing with chocolate cream and various kinds of nuts

easy easter recipe chocolate dessert nice gift box package

chocolate balls with coconut


easter treat recipe dessert decorations delicious food ideas white chocolate

white chocolate and chips of dark chocolate

easter treat recipe delicious food ideas coconut balls fresh strawberries


easter treat recipe cream decorated chocolate eggs gift box


easter treat recipe chocolate eggs different nuts stuffing


easter delicious food ideas chocolate eggs recipe homemade gift dessert


easter delicious food ideas chocolate eggs decorations red ribbon small spoon


easter delicious food ideas chocolate egg gift festive idea


easter chocolate eggs small colorful candy decoration

easter chocolate eggs nuts stuffing delicious treat recipe

easter chocolate eggs fun food festive gift idea pearl candy

easter chocolate eggs dessert decorations party treat

cookies chocolate mousse filling delicious easy easter recipe

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