Every year when the last leaf scroll calendar of October in most American homes moved bats and spiders in the windows lit pumpkin lanterns, carried scary costumes, handing out candy to small bandits.

Some Hollywood stars also fun heart of amazing Halloween costumes and choose to reincarnate in some other known or unknown hero.

Heidi Klum and now her ex-husband Seal likes to have fun on Halloween. Always been original and with a sense of humor are served to their incarnations.


Christina Aguilera loves attention and can not go unnoticed in this suit.


Paris Hilton is one of the most challenging, the most maligned, most scandalous and richest women in the world. This rabbit suit it again Ire.


Mariah Carey ready to quell any with this sexy costume.


Can I know? This is one of the sexiest, beautiful models Victoria Secret’s. Yup Heidi Klum to your attention.


Desperate Housewives Teri Hatcher as the Queen.


Kim Kardashian has chosen to highlight their sexy and colorful shapes with this Helounski suit.


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