Wallpaper home are beautiful and effective way to diversify your decor. In addition, colorful, stylish, but also easy to dirty and unfortunately are very delicate, so cleaning more difficult. Check out some tips for cleaning stains from wallpaper.


If the child has decided to paint the wallpaper with pens, do not rush to delete them with a damp cloth, because it will absorb the ink into the paper. Instead, try a microfiber cloth or sponge, rub gently as to not injure wallpaper.

Crayons on the wallpaper can be cleaned with a damp sponge on which you put a little baking soda. Rub very carefully not to tear the wallpaper.

If there is greasy stain on the wallpaper, make a paste of water and cornmeal. Apply to the stain and allow it to dry and then clean. The other option is to try blotting paper.

If you notice more polluted places on the wallpaper, try to clean them using wheat bran.

A few weeks passed wallpaper with microfiber cloth to protect them from deposition of dust mites.

Smaller and lighter stains on the wallpaper can be cleaned using a baking gum.

Fingerprints on the wallpaper may remove a slice of warm bread. Gluten has the ability to remove grease the paper.

Talc on bath sponge can you do, if you want to remove grease stains from wallpaper.

Tip – How to remove old wallpaper: in 5l water dissolve 2ch.ch. vinegar and brush with the solution old wallpaper. Wait 10 minutes away and gradually start to come off.

If the wallpapers Wear unpleasant flavor (of stale air or cigarette smoke), spray them with a solution of water and lemon juice or with such water and vinegar. The other option is to go with a dry cloth, on which are dusted baking soda.

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