Around Easter we used to see in shop windows and our homes decorated in green, yellow, red or blue. What do you say However, if you try this year with unusual leading color. See custom colors for Easter decoration.


Easter in metallic shades

See Easter decoration in copper or gold is unusual, but beautiful as metallic shades transmit more solemnity of the feast. Moreover, a sense of splendor, luxury and abundance. It is no problem to combine them with traditional leading colors for Easter.

Easter in copper and gold

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Easter in Scandinavian style
In other words, here the leading colors are white, black and gray. For some, this color is not stirs associations holiday, even less for Easter, but others say it is the modern way to assign a feast in modern interior trends. Not to seem too boring, using different prints – as eggs points or striped, with inscriptions or beads. Add fresh spring flowers for more variety.

Scandinavian decorations for Easter

custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-007 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-008 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-009 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-010

Easter black and white

custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-011 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-012 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-013 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-014 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-015

Black and white Easter eggs

custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-016 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-017 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-018 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-019 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-020

Easter in neon
In recent years, neon colors made his comeback in fashion, and from the podium gradually infiltrated the interior as part of the vision for a modern home. So if you’re a fan of eclectic style or just love bright colors can include them as part of the Easter decoration. The downside is that neon colors are difficult to achieve and they have to work with only egg whites.

Easter in neutral colors
Economical, practical and rather simple is Easter decoration in neutral colors – or otherwise decoration in white or no leading nuance. Here the eggs may remain unpainted, and only slightly embellished using a brush or marker. Use very eco materials – string, cotton, canvas, yarn (mostly knits crochet) greenery of nature.

Easter in purple

custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-021 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-022 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-023 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-024 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-025

Easter in pink

custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-026 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-027 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-028 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-029 custom-colors-for-easter-decoration-030

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