Spring is full of beautiful and fragrant flowers, which are the perfect decoration for Easter. Check out our Easter flower arrangements.


When decorate Easter flowers should keep a few things in mind. Nice flower bouquet to match that of the lead in the decorations. For example, if you chose Easter in neutral colors, then go after white flowers. Easter yellow they are more suitable daffodils.


Another special moment is the choice of vase. Mass best bet on low and round, and for decoration in the living room of a big and tall vase. Use materials from the kitchen – pot, deep coffee mug, old tin wrapped in fabric or thread.



You can make arrangement and in a small box or to arrange flowers lying in oblong glass dish. Some people choose to decorate with small pots hidden in mini pots. For this idea bulbs crocus, daffodil and hyacinth are ideal.


As for the flowers, you can experiment. The most common selections are tulips, they are ideal for higher compositions. It is also found in a variety of saturated colors. However, to try something different – for example, to collect a bouquet of wild crocuses, primroses, chamomile or dandelions. With flowers flower daisy example, can decorate the basket with colored eggs.


Other custom flower arrangements include willow, cherry blossom twigs or decorative grass. The branches may hang Easter decoration, and among boxes with decorative grass to arrange pieces of rabbit or chicken.


Original Easter decoration with flowers is one that includes colored eggs. For example, in a glass container put artificial color eggs and stems of flowers submerged in water capsule that hide between the eggs.



Easter with flower arrangements will not only make your home more colorful and beautiful, but home will smell nice holidays and spring.

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