If you have dreamed of original jewelry that is suitable for any occasion and will be a real eye catcher, then have a look at this step-by-step tutorial and see how you can make a beautiful and feminine diy necklace and earrings set from purple faux pearls and shell beads! We wish you a lot of fun, while making the jewelry!

DIY necklace and earrings set made of purple shell beads

fashion necklace earrings set diy handmade jewelry

Needed materials:

– faux pearls lilac
– faux pearls fuchsia
– freeform shell beads
– stainless steel jewelry wire
– clasps and crimp beads
– DIY Jewelry Supplies Set
– crimping pliers and flat nose pliers

jewelry beads art design diy necklace and earrings set

First sort out the beads that you will use for the necklace.

shell pearl beads tutorial diy necklace and earrings set

Thread a crimp bead onto the beading wire. Then thread a faux pearl and another two crimp beads. Repeat the step until all the pearls are set. At the end add again a crimp bead.

beautiful handmade accessories tutorial diy necklace and earrings set

Using crimping pliers close the first crimp bead. Then fix the faux pearl to its final position by closing the crimp bead on the other side. Fasten the other pearls on the necklace in the same way.
Note: Leave a regular spacing between the beads.

handmade beaded fashion jewelry diy necklace and earrings set

Make three strands of chain in this way.

original ladies fashion craft idea diy handmade jewelry

Hold the three ends together and thread a crimp bead and a crimp end clasp. Attach the crimp bead at the end of the wires. Now you can slide the end clasp over the crimp bead and squeeze gently but tightly.

ladies fashion beads accessories diy handmade jewelry

Slide a ring in the eye, on which the lobster clasp has already been threaded. Then you can close the ring with the flat-nose pliers. Make the other end of the necklace the same way, just without the lobster clasp.

For the earring thread two beads onto the headpin.

making beaded jewelry diy necklace and earrings set

At its end bend it in a loop. Now slide the ear hook in the eye. The steps are the same for the other earring.

handmade jewelry idea diy necklace and earrings set

And finaly, your handmade jewelry set is ready!

origin: http://www.diy-enthusiasts.com

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