If you want to tinker egg cup Easter decoration this year, we will give you 13 fun ideas and instructions.

Plan the Easter Crafts weeks before the festival in advance and do not tinker alone! Let your children or grandchildren join in the Easter spirit with you. These help the colorful craft materials that you need for these projects – Work box in pastel or serene tones, paper cups with beautiful patterns, beads, pompoms.
Create joy and freshness to the table decoration for Easter with your imagination and dexterity of your little helpers! This will load the paschal match one in our craft ideas in your home.

For Easter tinker eggcup – jewelry feast for each egg

If you tinker those funny eggcup for Easter, then each painted egg can be a real eye-catcher in the festive table decoration. Your Easter decoration is successful when it is brought into line with the interior and at the same time represents a joyous spring mood. There are many different color combinations, materials and thematic accents, which are very suitable for Easter crafts.

Eggcup tinker: Tips and Ideas for Easter match


In this colorful project the disposable cups are used as egg cup, after having cut their soils and this turned upside down. From the paper cups with the same pattern to cut rings made with rabbit ears for egg design that are already fixed in a round shape. This is definitely a simple and colorful idea that your children like to tinker also himself.

  Easter chicks from egg carton and feathers


Once you have bought the eggs for Easter, do not throw away the egg carton, but Tinker such droll chicks by the upper guide it. For the project, you still need construction paper, moving eyes and marabou feathers. The body of the chick cut out of the egg carton and the crests and beaks – or red and orange craft cardboard. All these elements are glued to the body. At the point of the tail sticking out a marabou feather.

Other variants of egg cups from an egg carton


Paint the egg carton and cut ears and beak out of construction paper in matching colors of if you want to tinker other beautiful egg cup. Other craft materials like pompoms and springs can be used well for such creative projects.

Tinker daffodil from craft carton as table decoration and eggcup


Typical of the Easter flowers can be beautiful fold of yellow and white construction paper. The instructions for this idea for Easter Crafts can be found below.

Daffodil from craft paper – template for cutting


The given templates cut from cardboard craft in the colors of narcissus – white, yellow, green, orange. For proper folding and gluing follow the screen instructions.

Narcissus of craft cardboard – Step by Step


Easter decoration of wooden beads


Painted or natural – the wooden beads are a popular craft materials that can be readily implemented in ideas for Easter crafts.

Beautiful Ideas for egg cup tinker from loo roll


Thanks to their shape, the toilet paper roll is quite appropriate when it comes to egg cups Crafts. Toilet paper rolls cut, as shown above, make you. As delicate sheep by white cotton The ears of the sheep create from small triangles of black leatherette and for the eyes using glass beads.

Other variants of egg cups for crafting with children


This project is just for Easter crafts with your children. Prepare white and light green construction paper, pencils, pompoms and glue and enjoy the dexterity of the youngest.

Handsome and noble as the spring


Cut loo roll in rings about 2 cm high and stick it green paper, which was designed in the form of grass. Decorate the egg cup with flowers with craft beads or rhinestones.

Blooming table decoration – egg cup crepe paper


For this project you cut 3 cm high rings of loo roll. Reshape the rings flowers from crepe paper in colorful, warm tones of spring flowers, as shown.

Delicate decoration ideas for eggcup for Easter

eggcup-tinker-13-fun-ideas-for-easter-crafts-with-kids-img014 eggcup-tinker-13-fun-ideas-for-easter-crafts-with-kids-img015

For this project you cut 3 cm high rings of loo roll. Reshape the rings flowers from crepe paper in colorful, warm tones of spring flowers, as shown.

Delicate decoration ideas for eggcup for Easter


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