Halloween is one of the oldest festivals in the world. While in Bulgaria celebration is not a popular practice a little Halloween spirit at home will not hurt you.

Symbolic commemoration of Halloween will enrich your outlook and will diversify your days.


Halloween (October 31), better known as Halloween for centuries enjoyed young and old with exciting and delicious traditions. Halloween is a day of pumpkins, a witch hat and sinister scenery a la Addams Family.“ But contrary to the belief that Halloween homage to the evil forces all the traditions of the holiday are intended exactly the opposite to celebrate the supremacy of the good and to pay tribute to pochinalite.Taka that rather unhappy to ask who invented Halloween and there Did he soil in Bulgaria, dip into the magic of the holiday and create a Halloween mood at home to delight in a (non) traditional way of yourself and the people you love.

With Halloween mood at home will enhance the warmth of autumn decor and will make any room look cozy and festive. For this purpose, you do not need much – pumpkins are already on the market, the internet is available for ideas and templates to decorate and commercially affordable sell all kinds of decorations (artificial spiders and ghosts to creepy costumes). The most satisfactory results, however, will get a handmade Halloween mood arranged home.

As you know, pumpkin is the main active component in Halloween festivities. So think about, what is Halloween without a pumpkin lantern ?! Yes, indeed, the sinking of that vegetable fruit can be completed with quality dirty, but when you see the admiring glances of children and their friends will experience strong internal pride in their efforts. There’s more good news – the pumpkin is autumn light, which can be consumed in all kinds of (delicious) variants for the preparation of which will leave you plenty of material after shaping lanterns.

Halloween spirit at home with pumpkin lantern

So roll up your sleeves, shout smallest assistants and work! How to make pumpkin lantern? Most important is to choose the right pumpkin. It has to be refreshed, with strong stem, without bumps and flat bottom (in order to avoid rolling). Trim cover (best boning knife), remove interior and Thin face to make you easier to drill then.

Raise pumpkin at eye level in order to assess the proportions. One rub cloth to shine the side where you will place the holes. Print from the web templates or use objects with the desired shape. Draw them on the tray and delicately cut while drill up inside. To keep your produce fresher few days, smear the cut edges with petroleum jelly if you notice that it continues to age, hold it a few hours face down in cold water.

If you want to have lanterns lid while burning candle inside, be sure to cut out kominche. Allow the candle to burn a few minutes in a closed lid, then sample the lid where the smoke is made ​​black speck. Sprinkle a little cinnamon for flavor.

Halloween spirit at home with more pumpkins

Pumpkin is perfect for decorating the table. Again choose flat representative“ to fit a size of your table. This time, drill a small hole where it should be the cover and stuck into him several wooden branches (like wood). They hang bats, ghosts and all such creatures (made of paper or store-bought). Tie a large orange ribbon or several smaller ones.

More ideas for Halloween mood at home

Light is an important factor in creating a Halloween mood at home. Let the room is dark and has a lot of candles. Muted effect of light can be achieved with multi colored lights (red, orange and yellow) instead of the ordinary.

Tendentious Halloween colors are orange, black, red and green. Whether you insert them through the napkins and utensils by candles and pumpkins through food and drinks it does not matter. Use the dark side of my mind, to add a dose zloveshtina. A steak knife stuck in the cake will be the perfect fit at the table. Wicker basket of dark wood with several large sunflower in her class will give. A few potassium near framed photographs – a sense of nostalgia.

Meals for Halloween table can be both classic and unconventional. It is important to present the pumpkin (whether in the form of pie, pie, pumpkin cream, salad with pumpkin or other culinary genius). To the delight of children, using black and white icing, you can decorate cookies for dessert with sinister motives. Add the chestnuts, tomatoes, red sauces and everything that brings back the feeling of autumn delight.

In one corner of the room make cocktail bar with all kinds of drinks and shaker mandatory decorations olives and cherries. Your guests will be pleased with a Halloween aperitif before dinner. Besides the classic martini (making of gin, dry and sweet vermouth, ice and olive), you can surprise them with something more original, like cocktail „Thirst for Blood“. It is prepared from 40 g blood orange juice, 15 grams of pomegranate juice, 15 g lime juice and 50 grams of tequila. Stir all ingredients with ice in a shaker, pour in glasses and garnish with a slice of lemon.

Beauty Halloween mood at home

Instead of getting angry for Unused portions pumpkin, use it for practical own pleasure. One option is to prepare exfoliating mask with pumpkin and honey. You need one teaspoon of green tea, 2 teaspoons pineapple, papaya or figs (diced) 4 tablespoons pumpkin puree 1 tablespoon honey 2 teaspoons of aloe vera gel, half a teaspoon of jojoba oil and 4 teaspoons tablespoons cornmeal.

Soak green tea in boiling water and Halloween mood in domaostavete to cool. In blender crush pineapple puree and add it to the pumpkin, honey and aloe. Stir well and add jojoba oil, a pinch of green tea and flour.

Apply a layer of the mixture on the cheeks, forehead and chin massage with gentle circular motion and repeat. Leave a thin layer on face and neck for about 15-20 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water and blot with a damp cloth. Moist skin with a suitable cream. Keep the mask in the refrigerator up to two weeks.

With the rest of the pumpkin you can make an amazing beauty product – Body oil with pumpkin. Its secret lies in the beta carotene, which will nourish, moisten and smooth your skin in the divine fragrance and antioxidant activities of the pumpkin, which will remove dead skin cells from your body.

To prepare it you need half a cup of pumpkin puree (blender mash with larger pieces), half a cup of coconut pieces (canned) and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Mix the ingredients in a bowl, apply on clean skin, massaging for better effect and after 10 minutes wash with warm water.

Nice meeting Halloween Halloween mood at home!

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