Today we’ll display you what can be done to use them again in a new creative way. How many seasons did you whirl away a sweater because it’s old or because you don’t like it anymore? Just have a look. The creative ideas for reusing old sweaters that are presented in the point are accompanied by unmingled photo instructions. You will delight in the creative or self-active ideal of repurposing old sweaters! The projects are quite practicable even for fanatical beginners with needle and slender cord.


Repurposing old sweaters – Warm mittens


Let’s bestow your old sweater a second life by turning it into fair thermal mittens! You will have glittering mittens in a few minutes, with just a few uncompounded materials and the most basic stitches! Go in the rear or in the wake of these steps on the photo and read the instructions below to make mittens from old sweater.


For this form it would be better to pick a wool sweater. – Do again all the steps for the right hand mitten Transfer the pins and revolve more than to see the completed mitten. Put your palm and fingers on one of the verge edges and contour the mitten make around it. Add about 1 cm on the outside of the perimeter and wound (with a cutting instrument) along the contour of your mitten. – Turn the sweater inside out and lay it on the slab. – Now the sport part! Be troubled not to divide or sever too shut up to the stitching. – Slender cord the needle and do uncombined stitches along your profile. – Bolt several safety pins on the edges to keep the two layers from shifting while you stitch. Colorful threads and other decorations to make the mitten more pleasing, – Use buttons. Free from moisture cleaning can stiffen the wool fibers and reshape sweaters significantly after drying. Make sure that the lower part of the mitten is wide enough so that your palm and fingers could easily spasm. Displace the redundancy fabric. That way the wool fibers will be huddled together so they do not sink apart when you wound (with a cutting instrument) it afterwards. Then pertinent dry on a unsullied towel and allow to air-dried for several hours, Palm and fingers-wash the sweater with warm irrigate.

Repurposing old sweaters – Handmade winter hats


Needle and slender cord in the right tint, scissors, all we need is an old sweater. This cast is similar to the mittens. From one or more old sweaters – for example one of those that children will no longer carry because they grew out of them, you can make thermal hats for the hibernate.


Bag from old sweaters

From old sweaters you can get a very comfortable wallet. You can also use the supplemental pile to garnish them. Here are pace by pace instructions of how to turn an old sweater in a new pouch in no time and without any expenses.


Go in the rear or in the wake of the step by step instructions on the photos – Peg pins along the bottom of the sweater and sew a short stripe to append the two sides. – Make an incision in the sleeves and neckline of the sweater. Done! Cat resting-broad way

Another creative or self-active ideal for repurposing old sweaters – a square for your favorite. – Move round inside out. It’s implementation is very bare. – Courtyard the fabric in site so that the margin seams meet in the forehead.


With the help of an old sweater, you can keep heating pad warm for much longer, all you need to do is to cut and sew a cover.


Warm decoration for a flowerpot

Simple but interesting touch to your home decor.



To get stylish leggings just cut the sleeves of the sweater. Do not forget to wrap and secure the needle and thread the cuts.


Pillows from old sweaters

One of your old sweater can be ideal to create new decorative throw-pillows.


It takes a minimum of cutting and sewing, but these pillows will please the eye and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the house. You can decorate them as you wish with buttons, wool flowers, or other decorations.

Plaid from old sweaters

If you have a lot of unused sweaters in your closet, you can combine them to make a blanket or a quilt.


You will need to cut each sweater in to pieces in order to obtain a “patchwork” style. Imagine how useful it would be to have a blanket at hand on the couch in the cold winter evenings.

Fingerless gloves without knitting!


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