Each house seeks to stand with original, interesting and colorful Easter eggs from those of others in the neighborhood. Here are some techniques for painting Easter eggs, which will break the competition!


To tread the eggs in bright and beautiful, it is best to use lighter eggs. Select the technique of painting that you like the most, and see the gallery to see step by step how to do.

Eggs with natural patterns

You need: old pantyhose or thin fishnet stockings, leaves of herbs, spices, flowers, or elastic thread. Optional – peel onions, if you want a natural color

Eggs with natural patterns

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Sprayed Easter eggs

You need: Easter egg dyes, spray flowers or water pistol, wrapping paper on which to leave the eggs to dry.

Sprayed eggs for Easter

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Decoupage Easter eggs

You need: the top layer of napkins in different patterns Easter, decoupage glue, scissors, tweezers with which to apply decorative elements.

Decoupage Easter eggs

techniques-for-painting-easter-eggs-018 techniques-for-painting-easter-eggs-019 techniques-for-painting-easter-eggs-020

Golden Easter eggs

You need: fine golden tinfoil petals, glue and a brush, paint Easter eggs

Golden Easter eggs

techniques-for-painting-easter-eggs-021 techniques-for-painting-easter-eggs-022 techniques-for-painting-easter-eggs-023 techniques-for-painting-easter-eggs-024 techniques-for-painting-easter-eggs-025

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