If you are a people who love to read, you must have a special place at home where you love to confinement in his favorite reading. We offer you 3 ideas for arranging a reading corner at home.


Aristocratic reading corner

Krell large coffee table made ​​of solid wood, which have accumulated a few favorite books, thick curtains and dramatic purple lamp retro floor lamp. It would appear aristocratic reading corner.

Optionally, you can decorate with spectacular picture and clock. Before the chair can put a round path for more comfort. The table also hold a vase of fresh flowers or pencil, you’ve put a collection of marking cards for books.





Romantic reading corner

Bench in the alcove by the window, a soft pillow in pastel colors or floral patterns, rattan baskets underneath filled with favorite reading – this is a romantic place for reading. He does not need thick curtains – rather keep the natural light.

Optionally, you can add another basket of magazines, extra pillows for comfort and a warm blanket at the end of the bench.


Unpretentious and innovative reading corner

Employ innovative and replace the chair and bench with bean (also called bean bag) in a bright print. To put it high lamp extravagant lampshade. Books hold a vertical shelf that goes from the floor. Decorate with thick carpet. Until you can put coffee tray with legs on which to keep warm drink and an eyeglass case.

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