During the weekly and monthly cleaning at homes, people throw away many things that can be used in amazing ways and one of them can be converting them into flower pots. We have attempted to bring to you a few ideas to use the waste items at your home in the most innovative manner.
Have you recently changed the tires of your car? Do not leave them at the car mechanic’s shop. Bring them back and use them to plant pretty flowers in your garden.

Tire-Flower-Pot Image Courtesy: sallynex.com

Have your shoes worn out or are you tired of wearing them? Do not throw them away. Use them as flower pots inside or outside your house.

Flower-Pot-Shoe Image Courtesy: luxuryhomegarden.com

Do not garbage the coconut shells after you have had the coconut water. Use them for planting flowers.

Flower-Pot-Coconut-Shell Image Courtesy: fabfurnish.com

Are you just left with one cup from that pretty tea set you bought a few years back? Has the tea cup developed a crack but hasn’t completely broken? Want to use it somehow, plant small flowers or herbs.

flower-pot-tea-cups Image Courtesy: topdreamer.com

Have you just got your house painted? Are you planning to throw away the broken water buckets? Use these empty paint buckets or broken bathing buckets as flower pots.

Flower-Pot-Paint-Bucket Image Courtesy: brit.co

Source: bigtowers.co.in

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