How to effectively clean without rubbing hours?



Cleaning is a tedious task for most hosts. Few are those who do it openly with pleasure.

The most annoying is impossible to clean. Some stains and dirt are so pervasive that the only way is hard scrubbing with powerful toxic agents! Actually not quite right! There is salvation, and it lies in some small but useful and clever tricks.

Quick Clean the inside of the handbag

Pass the type sticky roller brush skimmers hair from clothing and textile surfaces on the inside of the bag. Thus, the brush will stick all hair boklucheta tiny pieces of paper and fallen to the bottom of the bag.

Clever cleaning blinds

We know how annoying it is to clean the blinds wipe the first one side then the other. Meanwhile, the dust flies everywhere. Instead, dip an old sock in equal parts water and vinegar. Fold it in your hand and wipe simultaneously, each band covering the blind hand.



Easy wipe the TV screen

TV screens and monitors are difficult to clean. Often after wipe remain dusty track where you have not gone to the cloth. Use dry coffee filter paper filters remove dust from the screen without leaving traces.

Removing hair from carpet

Use a rubber glove or microfiber cloth for cleaning windows to push hair strewn surface. You easily remove hair from pets or fallen in combing hair.

Protect clothes from dust

If you are wearing your favorite dress shoes, winter coats to dry and you do not want to put prashlyasali the next occasion, use this clever trick – get a large towel. Spread it, punch it into the middle and pierce it a coat hanger so that the napkin wrapped around the garment in the top part. Thus, the powder will be layered tissue.

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