The TV, PC and video games are not the only things that can provide kids with amusement. Encourage children to use their imagination and give their smartphones a rest. Show them that DIY kids games can be fun in a whole different, non-electronic way. So let’s make dominoes out of pebbles! The idea is so simple but will provide little children with happiness and important skills.

DIY kids games – Crafting dominoes out of pebbles

art craft summer idea diy kids games black paint coloring

In a set of dominoes there are usually 28 pieces but in this case you can make less. You don’t have to look only for a dark colored pebbles, because they will be painted with black acrylic paint.

original entertainment gift idea diy kids games

When the paint is dry, take a thin paint brush and white acrylic paint and draw lines and dots. If you have a paint pen in white it would be even easier. Like we said, for a full double six domino set you will need 28 flat stones, marked with dots in every combination from one to six.


painted pebbles craft project diy kids games

Our dominoes are completed. They can be used as a unique gift for friends of your children. It would be even better if your kids make the dominoes by themselves to surprise their friend. We should help them for the cute little package.

We need :
• a piece of fabric (here a red and white polka dots)
• a ribbon
• a gift tag

homemade funny gift idea diy kids games

The easiest way is to pack this small game pieces is to place them in the center of the fabric scrap and to pull up the fabric around the sides. Secure with a ribbon and tie on a gift tag with the name of the recipient.

leisure time craft project diy kids games making red bag

build handmade pebbles domino diy kids games

natural materials funny leisure time idea diy kids games

handmade domino craft idea diy kids games

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