House dust is the enemy of many hosts.

Sometimes even regular home cleaning is not enough to deal with his presence. Here are some tips that can limit the occurrence of dust mites at home.


Clean with a damp cloth – hence the dust adhering to the matter and there is no risk to spread through the air. Household wipes also work.

Always open windows while cleaning , but do not do the course . It is important to enter the room is fresh air to displace dust mites . If an air flow risk dust mites can not spread through the other rooms . When cleaning , be sure to Strike the decorative pillows, bedspreads, blankets , home textiles as collect as many dust mites . Regular change of linen also helps to tackle the problem. Clean the vacuum cleaner bag every 3 uses . That will help prevent the spread of dust mites in the air the next use of the appliance .

Most hosts err that laminate flooring attracts more dust mites compared to the carpet or rug. The truth is that whatever flooring , dust corpse. The difference is that with parquet cleaning is faster and easier, as polluted sites are visible , while the carpet house dust seeps into the matter and requires special care.

Keep plush toys of the child in a special basket or box , as its material attracts dust mites . Maintaining higher humidity in the room means less static , which in turn is a prerequisite for reducing the amount of household dust on furniture and appliances .

Remember that the amount of house dust depends on the location of your home. If you are on a busy street in a big city , the presence of dust mites at home is inevitable.

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