Even with the simplest materials – wire mesh and faux flowers – you can make home decor that looks like it was made from a real designer. For example, this bright floral lampshade. This creative DIY lampshade project will take you less than an hour but would look gorgeous for example in your little girls room. You just need to make a simple frame out of wire mesh and decorate it with a lightweight fabric, ribbons and red silk roses. You can choose other color and materials that match your interior scheme as well. For example, shades of yellow or orange will add warm glow to the room and white would create a “cool” atmosphere. When choosing fabric, look through it when lights are turned on. The material should let the light through, but at the same time should hide the wire lampshade frame and the other parts of the lamp.

DIY lampshade project – Needed supplies:

hexagonal mesh – 40 x 90 cm

2 m flexible wire
30 pcs. silk flowers – here red roses
4 m red wide ribbon
1 m tulle fabric
Electrical Cord Swag Kit
a light bulb

1. Connect the sides of the wire mesh lenghtways with flexible wire to get a cylinder shape.


2. From the cylinder form a ball by pressing the bottom and top edges of the wire. Make sure that the hole is wide enough to insert the light bulb socket later.
3. Attach the silk roses on the grid by placing them in four symmetrical rows.


4.  Pull tightly the wide red ribbon between the rows of roses. Attach its ends to the wire grid.


5. Wrap tightly the lampshade with the tulle ribbon by folding it several times around the wire frame.
6. Secure the ends of the ribbon with a tape attached on the inside of the lampshade.

Source: diy-enthusiasts.com
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