If you are looking for creative ways to update your home office, kitchen or child’s bedroom, this DIY magnetic chalkboard is a fun and inexpensive idea to do so. It will help you keep things organized and promotes creativity. Create a convenient surface for writing notes and affixing messages using the magnets. Follow the steps and instructions to create your own magnetic chalkboard wall and cute cloud magnets.

 DIY magnetic chalkboard – easy kids room wall decoration


Before start making your magnetic chalkboard wall first decide on its shape. To avoid uneven lines, we need a spirit level, a pencil, measuring tape, painter’s tape and scissors.

DIY magnetic chalkboard tutorial


Use the measuring tape and pencil to draw a rectangle on the wall and a spirit level to determine whether or not your lines are straight. Tape the sides of the rectangle with painter’s tape and make rounded corners by cutting the tape into shape.


Before applying the magnetic chalkboard paint on the wall we have to first prepare the surface with a special primer. Apply three magnetic primer layers. Then apply three coats of the magnetic paint. 250 ml of the paint is sufficient for approx. 0.4 m2.

Allow the surface to dry thoroughly, then apply two layers of chalkboard paint. This DIY magnetic chalkboard wall makes great addition to any corner in the house!


Now we will create a cute cloud magnet with raindrops, so that you can affix slips of messages on our board.

You will need: white polymer clay (Fimo), rolling pin, cookie cutters in the form of a flower and a tear, pink acrylic paint, clear lacquer, a thin brush, small round magnets, craft glue.


Roll out the polymer clay on a flat surface and cut out a cloud with the flower-shaped cookie cutter. Narrow it a little in horizontal direction. Then make a few tears. If you do not have a suitable cutter, use a stencil and a knife. Smooth the edges and bake in the oven for half an hour at 110 ° C or according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Allow to cool.


Draw eyes and mouth on the cloud with acrylic paint. Glue the magnets on the back of the polymer clay shapes.

diy-magnetic-chalkboard-wall-decor-idea-for-kids-room-008 diy-magnetic-chalkboard-wall-decor-idea-for-kids-room-009

So your DIY magnetic chalkboard is finished. You could also update your home office or study area with a study lamp, pencil holder and a vase with flowers to make it neat and beautiful.

Image Courtesy: http://www.diy-enthusiasts.com/diy-home/diy-magnetic-chalkboard-wall-decor-idea/

Source: http://www.diy-enthusiasts.com/diy-home/diy-magnetic-chalkboard-wall-decor-idea/

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