In this article we present the latest Fashion and interior design trends for 2014.

Below, in the photo gallery you will find the best fashion and color trends for the design of your new home for 2014.
You will find many interior incorporating multiple colors in a sleek and stylish way.
Some colors and trends from last year, pink, tangerine and Orange are expected to persist for several months.
These colors will most likely be replaced by yellow and its shades and natural colors.

Amazing interior design and fashion color combinations for 2014.

pillows in trendy colors change the interior of the room

Among the leading interior color trends in 2014 outlining be silver and gold. Classic remains Blue, because it is combined with many other colors.
Red will keep its place, it will be some cream shades, dark colors and maybe bright red.
Black and white will be replaced most likely silver and gold, because they will add additional heat to the new colors.
Will appear very soft, calm and quiet colors.

white and navy blue accented by mustard yellow chair

Traditional colors in the design of the bedroom will be golden and light colors SNI

traditional bedroom interior design blue and gold

Gold accents and accessories in white and blue living room

stylish interior design gold combined with white and navy blue

Modern living room with a mustard leather sofa

mustard yellow leather sofa in a modern living room


The purple is a beautiful color accent in a black-and-white kitchen

modern stylish kitchen in black and white with a purple accent

Nature inspired soft colors in the kitchen

Nature inspired organic colors shades of green and brown

White and soft grey in a modern kitchen design

modern kitchen design in soft grey and white

Soft calming colors in bedroom interior

modern bedroom with textured wall accent in deep delicate shade

Stylish purple and accent pillows in gold in a modern bedroom

modern bedroom design in fashionable soft purple shade

Red accents complement the gray of the bedroom

modern bedroom design bold color combination

Soft color accents add style to the interior

grey and purple combination fashion color trends for 2014

fashion color trends for 2014 rugs and decoration in purple shades

fashion color trends for 2014 gold and white contemporary interior design

fashion color trends for 2014 different shades of blue

fashion color trends for 2014 deep blue modern kitchen

fashion color trends for 2014 softer tones of blue

beautiful purple and grey color combination in interior design trend 2014

strong purple accents in sitting area contrast to black and white home decor

contemporary living room design nature ispired colors

contemporary bedroom in delicate shades of silver and gray

combination of grey for stylish bedroom interior

Brass pendants metallic accents in the modern kitchen interior

brass interior accessories add style in the room

blue shelves in contemporary bedroom design wooden beams

bedroom interior design stylish combination gold and yellow

Beautiful color pops as interior accents yellow combined with bright colors

bathroom design in soft grey has a calming effect

accents in gold will be top of the trend

accent of yellow in a modern living room

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