The small hall is not unusual for the home in the big city . Here it occupies a limited area and is often directly related to the hallway or another room of the house . Here are some ideas and tips for the small hall .
Ideas and Tips for Small hall


The colors of the small hall

Each entrance should be welcoming and comfortable because the city first impressions in guest living in the home. The small hall is often decorated in neutral colors, a privilege enjoyed bezhovotozaradi its warm appearance. It is however possible to use gray with yellow accents and playful bet entirely yellow.

Suitable for small hall are also light blue and shades of green. The white color may extend optical room , but it is especially recommended for the little hall, because is difficult to maintain and have a lot to keep from muddy footprints.


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Although the country is not particularly common practice in the United States and some Western countries choose to decorate the hall with a few different prints , prioritizing enjoy these with floral motifs. Wallpapers in similar patterns adorn the hall and distract visitors , so that they do not pay attention to the modest size of the room.


Decor of the small hall

The area of ​​the small hall does not allow free play especially in the decor and furnishings of the room. Everything must be kept to a few well-chosen and functional elements to burn the image of your home.


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Size of a small hallway necessary to select only one basic furniture for the room, which will be, depends on what style you want to achieve and whether there is a place to store coats and shoes. Most useful is the option when you place a bench on one wall , and high above the shelf. Under the bench can hold the shoes that you wear most often now. On the shelf you can put boxes in which to store your accessories and underneath to mount horizontal hanger .


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Another option is to furnish the small hall with table – moon , to put up the wall. Under it , you can put a basket of umbrellas, and next to it – to place a vertical hanger . The third option to furnish the small hall with shelf divided into sectors , so placing them in shoe boxes , bags, baskets keys to diversify with picture frame and a small pot.


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If you want to achieve more aristocratic style bet on a comfortable chair , and put it to a vertical hanger and basket umbrellas. On the wall you can hang a mirror with baroque frame.

If the size of the hall does not allow hardly any furniture , select a high and narrow shoe cupboard with sliding doors to save space . Paint it in bright colors and place on top a small vase of flowers and basket of keys, and next to it you can put a folding stool.

The small hall should always be clean and tidy , so organize your belongings using colored metal buckets, rattan baskets , colorful boxes , shelves of fabric .

Do not forget to add to your decor and a playful element with characteristic room symbolism. For example, some choose to put a horseshoe on the door frame , to give them good luck and prosperity. Others hang figure of Baba Yaga or decorative brush to protect themselves from the evil eye . Third rely on wind chimes to attract positive energy in your home.

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