With all the remodeling of the interior of the house suitable for Christmas and the winter , the garden, the terrace and especially the balcony is quickly forgotten. But just because you do not spend much time on the balcony in the cold season, it does not mean that this can not and should not be festive and friendly.

Ensure good mood with Christmas on the balcony . In winter and plant them in time some flowers and evergreen plants in order to feel the magic of Christmas there can

Christmas decoration on the balcony – ideas for the winter.


There are a variety of Christmas decoration ideas for which fir green is used. This decorative element is, so to speak, the basis for the most varied arrangements, which should have a winter look. Also as Christmas decorations on the balcony in the winter are tannenzweige super suitable. Combine them best with pine cones.

Christmas decoration on the balcony in winter shape


Especially a glazed balcony is perfect for Christmas decoration on the balcony in winter suitable. If this can be heated, you can always enjoy your coffee on the balcony or have breakfast there. Design the balcony table with a color-matching tablecloth and give the balcony the finishing touch with Christmas tableware.

Balcony in winter shape


Not only is the Christmas tree welcome. An artificial, but also a real tree can also be adorned on the balcony and so as Christmas decor on the balcony in the winter to ensure perfect Christmas mood. It will give you pleasure every time you look out of the balcony door. A great alternative to balcony plants, most of which come in winter at the latest.

Christmas decorations exterior design


The classic red color is also suitable for the Christmas decoration on the balcony in winter. A checkered pattern gives the whole thing an additional, rustic flair. You can also make a Christmas decor yourself by using slide. Glue vases or flower pots with appropriate patterns and motifs and arrange arrangements of branches, fir green and berries.

Scandinavian decoration


A Christmas decoration on the balcony in winter in Scandinavian style is best achieved by using lots of wood. If the wood still has a worn look, the decoration looks the better. Do not forget the Christmas wreath. Also as Christmas decoration for the balcony door or the outside wall is this wonderful.

Christmas decoration on balcony railings


The balustrade of the balcony offers enough space for a Christmas decoration. The decorations also do not occupy any space on the balcony itself and are therefore perfect for small balconies. For a pretty Christmas decor on the balcony in winter, wrap fir green or garlands around the railing and add Christmas motifs like such bells.

Which plants in the winter on the balcony?


Just because winter is, you do not have to do without plants. There are enough balcony winter flowers, which you can now use. Apart from evergreen plants, grasses are suitable for the balcony in winter and can be combined with any Christmas decoration for balcony boxes. Design a Christmas decor on the balcony in winter with fresh, lively plants!

Balcony winter plants


If green plants are not enough for you, there is a trick with which you can also provide flowers. Suitable flowers for the balcony in winter are, for example, pansies. The plants that bloom in the autumn are simply planted in the boxes and are immediately poured. With a bit of luck the flowers still retain their blossoms even in the winter, even if it is already snowing. Also the Christrose is suitable for the balcony in the winter.

Candles on the balcony


If you want to put candles as a Christmas decor on the balcony in winter, a light is very important. As the name implies, this protects the candle from winds so you can enjoy candle light at any time. Place the candle in a table wreath, which you can also assemble yourself. How about an Advent wreath for the balcony?

Place the Christmas light on the outside


Not only the light of the candles ensures romantic Christmas mood. Light chains, which are intended for outdoor use, can be used as Christmas decoration on the balcony in winter. Wrap the railing or branches that you have used for the remaining decoration. You have the choice between warm, yellow light and colorful colors.

Lights and fir green


This Christmas decoration for the balcony consists of a light chain as well as fir green. If you are decorating your Christmas decorations on the balcony in winter, you can still try out different things before you decide on a certain variation. Do you want it to be more neutral than here or do you prefer some colored elements? Then you can also add tree decoration.

Christmas wreath for outdoors


We already mentioned the Christmas wreath. And here you can see another possibility how you can use the Christmas decoration on the balcony in the winter. Especially in groups, the wreaths on the railings look very attractive. You can also emphasize the Christmas wreaths with light strings. Do not forget a lot of fir green.

Balcony wintery decorate


Does it annoy you that the balcony is always covered with snow? You should not, because you can use this to make your Christmas decoration on the balcony in winter even more attractive. This bird house, which has been designed with a lot of fir green, looks much more sympathetic with the snow. The decoration is given the finishing touch by the metal furniture in the shabby-chic style.

Christmas decoration ideas for the balcony


An alternative to the classic wreath is also such an arrangement. Whether you are designing the fir green with bells or other Christmas motifs, you decide for yourself. Of course, you can also buy a suitable model ready in the store and then use it as a Christmas decoration on the balcony in winter.

Christmas decoration of wood


If you want to try out something special, instead of the classic Christmas tree, build a Christmas tree yourself.With several branches you can collect yourself, you have the possibility to put such a Christmas decoration on the balcony in the winter. You get a rustic flair on the balcony, which fits perfectly to the winter.

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