The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and it’s that period of the year when we want to eat ice creams all the time.

People from all ages love ice cream and we want to taste all of the flavors that exist out there.

Once you see the Fun DIY Ice Cream Sticks Crafts That Will Keep You Busy you will be saving the sticks to make them.

Are you in the mood for some DIY projects?

The ice cream sticks turn out to be an awesome supply for some wonderful projects that can be used as decoration for our homes.

Plus, you can make the crafts with your kids and keep them entertained. They will be glad to display the final result in their room and brag about their crafty hands! Check out the ideas and make your picks! I’m sure that you are going to be fascinated with the array of possibilities in which you can reuse the sticks!

If you want to add some interest to your front door, it’s time to use the ice cream sticks to make a colorful wreath. It’s an easy project that doesn’t require any special skills. Give it a try!


What do you think about making a lip stick storage by using the ice cream sticks?


Your kids would love to make these cute airplanes, so get them some ice cream sticks, clothespins and paint and see them having fun!

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Coasters are another interesting DIY project that you can make with ice cream sticks. What do you think about the idea?

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You can make some eye-catching and statement-making necklaces in no time. Get ice cream sticks and colors and make the designs you want!


I really love the DIY photo frame because they add a personal touch to any space.

if you want to personalize your area, make your next photo frame by using the fabulous ice cream sticks!


Do you have a hamster? It’s about time to make a DIY project that your hamster can enjoy. What do you think about making this awesome hamster swing?


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The ice cream sticks can also be used to make a pencil holder, so if you miss one on your desk, get down to work and make it on your own.

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Your kids would be happy to make their own bookmarks and mark the pages in the books they read with these fun animals!


If you have crafty skills, maybe you can engage yourselves into making some more serious projects.

Take the house below in consideration and see whether you can make it and make it a part from your home decor.

How are you going to repurpose the ice cream sticks? Which DIY ideas caught your eye the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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