You do not need a yard to have a garden

Do not we all lucky to have a house and a big yard. Although not so lucky, then nothing prevents us from his spretnem a small garden on the balcony. Pots generally take up much space – are bulky, and if we each plant is a separate pot, then you fill the place pretty quickly. Better use small packets of food, bags or bottles cut – they are not so bulky.


Your best bet is to get with boxes and crates. So your plants will be in one place and will save space.


Do not limit yourself to only the floor of the balcony. Use an old cupboard or shelf and arrange plants there. Conveniently would be to make a shelf on the wall itself to save space.


If you watch and creepers, then it can not hurt to drop them to crawl to freedom on the facade of the building. Hardly your neighbors would be angry with little greenery, and who would not ate homemade cucumber or watermelon.

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