The thermometer shows 35 degrees in the shade, not a cloud obscures the bright blue sky, the sun shines – this is a great summer day out.

Even better, if you can spend such a day at the swimming pool in order to treat yourself from time to time a refreshing dip in the wet flooding.

Yet many spend the best time of the year in the queue for public swimming pool or in a traffic jam on the motorway towards North or Baltic Sea.

For still seems a private swimming pool as many priceless luxury that only superstars in Hollywood or people can afford in posh districts such as Hamburg or Munich Blankenese Grünewald himself. If the own swimming pool in your backyard so really a beautiful dream that will never come true for most of us?

A swimming pool in your backyard is no longer a luxury


All one needs to do: The Pool build yourself!

With a little skill and a few hours during the week or on the weekend, the dream of owning a swimming pool can quickly and easily meet.

For the times when pools were only the rich and famous subject include, now long past history. Before it but actually comes to breaking ground, is the most important tip: Just analyze the size and nature of your own garden.

Only then can you decide what type of swimming pool and which form is best suited to.

Whether oval or circular pool with steel wall


There are numerous models for every taste and wallet

Depending on the size of your own garden, and depending on fullness of the purse can be the most diverse pool solutions realized with steel wall. These are either simply placed or partially buried, immured or concreted. The price range extends from entry-level model, which is available starting at 600 Euros, up to the upper price range, which (see examples on up to 4,000 euros and it is ). Pitching is a matter of no expert with minimal technical expertise and talent slight of hand. The most important tips delivers this video:

Keeping the compass direction in view


In the east, the sun rises in the west it goes under – sounds like a truism, but it is in the correct orientation of private swimming pool is an important factor.

After all, he should so the water of the pool during the day aug warm comfortable temperatures. And a pool, which is oriented in a southerly direction, all the time is illuminated on continuously from the sun. This provides much more water fun, even in the early morning hours.

How big the pool is to be in your own garden?


Who wants a lot that needs to dig more deeply. In other words – a larger pool is only realistic in the implementation, the deeper you can penetrate into the soil. Therefore it is advisable to always be checked before the nature of the soil. The rule of thumb is then: If the height of the basin more than 1.50 meters, should the pool protrude no more than two-thirds of its height above. Because so easily it floats in water, the liquid can also cause a lot of pressure, and that can set the outer wall of the pool under enormous resilience.

Therefore, care should be taken when laying water pipes to the fact that here a small slope toward is facing the swimming pool – and for a very simple reason:

Even the most beautiful summer comes to an end and the pool must be drained.Through the slight incline of the pipes is then prevented that water remains in the pipes or even freezes in winter it. No Pool also works without electricity and water lines. So if you want to avoid costly new installations which should select the position of the pelvis best foresight, equaling near existing power lines.

Ground for the swimming pool


Eben, smooth and firm – that is what distinguishes a good base for the swimming pool is.

Also, the respective characteristics of the soil it is taken into account. For example, if the groundwater level is too high, some types of pools come not even in question. A tip for the best type of soil: the ground as flat as possible and roots, boulders or stones definitely remove as much possible – because it eliminates any potential damage to the film from the beginning have not stand a chance. Minor cuts and bumps can be easily filled with sand, soil, concrete or screed, to provide an ideal basis. Smaller bumps and holes compensates for a fleece which should definitely be placed below.

Wood or natural stone evaluate each pool immediately


Those who value an elegant appearance, can finally beautify the edge of the pool with wood inlays: The not only looks quite chic, but also ensures that leaves or grass not soon end up in the water of the pool. Alternatively, lends itself to beautify the swimming pool with natural stones. True granite is not only very robust, but also occurs in many natural shades, the spectrum ranges from gray-crystal over sand-beige to beautiful reddish copper color!

Swimming pool in your own garden – so easily succeed



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