Indirect lighting brings out the color and structure of different objects to glow. The light source is placed shielded and the light is effectively scattered throughout the room. Use indirect lighting as a practical addition in the bathroom and in the kitchen, or set decorative accents in the living room and bedroom. Here you will find great inspiration, as the light sources can be installed.

Indirect lighting in any room


The LED lights are easy to hide behind a false ceiling or a wall panel. Thus, the light rays from the wall or the ceiling are reflected. Indirect lighting can not only emphasize architectural elements, but also complement items such as wall mirrors, paintings and designer radiators. The LED lights are mounted on the rear wall around the property and get his colors or texture to its best advantage.

Indirect lighting – Warm or cool light?


Since indirect lighting is a more decorative purpose, there are LED strips and lights in different colors. So you can pink light in the bedroom, the bathroom blue, green in the kitchen, etc. have. Especially trendy is the cool white light.

white cool light perfect for minimalist apartments


Indirect light sources such as LED strips are available in different lengths and are also suitable for larger living areas. Which are usually at the slab edge and along the stairs attached. Check out this incredible examples below and experiment with LEDs in various designs and colors.

hidden indirect light source behind a wall panel


Light wall niches



indirect luminaires can be most easily fitted under the suspended ceiling indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-006

pink light in the bedroom


Illuminate stairs with leds


Emphasize textures with light

indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-009 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-010 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-011 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-012 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-013 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-014 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-015 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-016 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-017 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-018 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-019 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-020 indirect-lighting-22-ideas-for-atmospheric-design-021


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