We often think that there is enough time until holidays are here and all of a sudden we find ourselves in the middle of the holiday season without any ideas about this year’s party and the decor.

We will give you 10 Christmas party themes which can be of help for the perfect kids party or for the office party or just for a memorable time with friends of yours.


Magical Christmas party themes for kids


1. One of the most popular Christmas party themes for kids for the last couple of years is the Frozen movie theme. The movie is an absolute hit for almost every child and each one has a favorite character.


2. Christmas Candyland theme is a fabulous idea if you want to organize the perfect kids’ party. An assortment of cookies, cupcakes, candy canes, sweets and drinks will make sure that your party is the hit of the season. Decorate in bright Christmas colors so that the decor matches your magical cookie land theme.



3. Winter wonderland is another very popular theme not only for kids but for grown-ups as well. A magnificent decor in white and blue with a lot of glitter will transform any living room into an enchanted winter kingdom.

10-christmas-party-themes-cool-ideas-how-to-throw-a-memorable-party-img006 10-christmas-party-themes-cool-ideas-how-to-throw-a-memorable-party-img007


Great Christmas party themes for a magical time


4. When it comes to organizing a party for grown-ups you can do anything you wish. White Christmas party is a great idea which provides endless opportunities for creative decorations, even at the last minute.




5. Organizing your party in traditional red and white is another great idea as the decorations look very festive and joyful. Set a dress code in red and white and prepare Santa hats for every guest. The good time and laughter is guaranteed.




6. One of the great Christmas party themes is the Carnival theme. You can decorate in vibrant colors and ask every guest to come in a Christmas theme costume or with a mask.


10-christmas-party-themes-cool-ideas-how-to-throw-a-memorable-party-img017 10-christmas-party-themes-cool-ideas-how-to-throw-a-memorable-party-img018

7. Hollywood glamour party theme is a fantastic way to throw an elegant Christmas party and put on an elegant evening dress or a tux. You may even choose a certain period or event, for example – 1940s or Oscar night.


10-christmas-party-themes-cool-ideas-how-to-throw-a-memorable-party-img020 10-christmas-party-themes-cool-ideas-how-to-throw-a-memorable-party-img021

8. Ice and snow theme is an excellent choice for both a party at home or an office party. White, blue, silver and glitter will be the colors for the decoration and you can let your imagination fly free when decorating.

10-christmas-party-themes-cool-ideas-how-to-throw-a-memorable-party-img022 10-christmas-party-themes-cool-ideas-how-to-throw-a-memorable-party-img023

9. Christmas glitter party is a fantastic way to show your creativity. Use different colors of glitter and your decor will be a sparkling fairy tale.

10-christmas-party-themes-cool-ideas-how-to-throw-a-memorable-party-img024 10-christmas-party-themes-cool-ideas-how-to-throw-a-memorable-party-img025


10. Christmas party at the beach is an ideal theme for people who live in hot climate and an excellent opportunity to have a party outdoors. With traditional decoration or a gold and silver décor and a starry sky, there is no way that your party is not a success.



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