Over the years, I’ve heard from just about everyone and anyone with a computer that they have mixed feelings about Valentine’s day

But whether you’re in love with love and can’t wait to start making DIY valentine’s day, or would rather explain the evils of the “Romantic Industrial Complex,” it’s hard to escape the endless parade of cards, gifts and candy every February 14th.



I’ve always been a fan of having a special day to tell the people you admire and care about (friends, colleagues, mentors, family) how much they mean to you, but I understand that it can be a bit much with all of the ads and pressure we see in the media to find the perfect gift.

So this year, we’re going to share some low-key DIY ideas that are easy on your wallet and leave the focus on a special message or note of appreciation.

But before we dive into those, I wanted to share my favorite part of Valentine’s day — the celebration of a handwritten note.

If you’d prefer to DIY it all, we have some ideas for you here, but if you’d like to pick up a card to fill out instead, here are 40 of my favorites (and a few non-cards) from the wide world of independent designers.

40-valentines-day-cards-to-send-to-loved-ones-img003 40-valentines-day-cards-to-send-to-loved-ones-img004

40-valentines-day-cards-to-send-to-loved-ones-img005 40-valentines-day-cards-to-send-to-loved-ones-img006 40-valentines-day-cards-to-send-to-loved-ones-img007

40-valentines-day-cards-to-send-to-loved-ones-img008 40-valentines-day-cards-to-send-to-loved-ones-img009

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