Bar in the kitchen is modern and practical solution. Moreover, it is easily adaptable to the style you have chosen for leading furniture. See 7 ideas for the bar in the kitchen.

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Helical or straight?

First decide in what form you prefer to be the bar. There are various options the most common is straight. Suitable for more contemporary kitchens and minimalist style. The rolled slightly suits you in vintage style, as well as coastal or country decor. Stands a little more cozy and secluded. Of course, depending on the space you have, you can try also with top in L or S-shaped.

Or concealed?

After you select the counter, decide what will be its function. If it is open, ie without cabinets underneath, creates a feeling of more space. But unlike the closed type, this one is not as practical as wasting space that can be used to store belongings.

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Type table

Some use the bar just as mass. Usually these are models with straight lines and without cabinets. With 2-3 chair type stork convert the bar the ideal place for breakfast.

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With double top

Recently, it is the most common option when choosing a bar kitchen. The reason is that it is 2 in 1 table top work. Option 1 – upper plot to be carried forward slightly. Option 2 – two plates are to one another, the upper shorter.

With cabinets below

The most reasonable solution is to use the site under the counter for kitchen cabinets. Explore different models to help you organize your belongings. For example, a separate cupboard for bottles, special cabinet rack, cabinet with rotating panels.

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As bookshelf

You can use the lower part of the bar as a bookshelf. Some of the things you can put in pans, and other places to arrange books, frames with pictures, flowers and seasonal decor.

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Folding top

If your kitchen is small, consider folding bar. So, when you need it, it will run, and when you’re out of the kitchen, or you decide to vortices in it, but you need more space, the bar will not be an obstacle.

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