If you are wondering how it looks apartment for 95 million dollar, we will show you.

That record is located on 5th Avenue in New York and offers stunning views of the Plaza Hotel and Empire State Building.

Crisis with real estate and homes in the U.S. may cause a global financial and economic collapse, but now this particular market share in America can contribute to the contrary.


Vice president of real estate company McLoughney Properties Richard Uolgren modestly told the media that the portfolio performance since it offers a company purchases for people with different abilities in New York.

Modestly wealthy clients could obtain for $ 7 million unique apartment in Manhattan. Almost at the next street, 432 Park Avenue, someone with a serious financial opportunities could become owner of „home“ for 95 million dollars. Uolgren notes that Manhattan’s new residential construction is booming in 2012

And unlike the customers who shop shiny houses in London Uolgren says that two thirds of the buyers offered by his company building jewelry are Americans.

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