Happy Thanksgiving week and friends!

I know it’s early to think about Christmas decorations, but my friends got together this week and made ​​some decorations

Bottle Caps for decorations.

I just could not wait until Thanksgiving go to your glory, so here’s a look at some of them.

Here are our ideas and what we did.
1. Bottles and caps.
2. Acrylic paint – white, black, orange and red.
3. Paintbrushes.
4. Ribbon.
5. Hot glue gun / silicone / sticks and glue.
6. Caps.
7. Scissors.

Step 1: Prepare the necessary parts and materyali our work.


Step 2: Put a ribbon on her table and attach three caps, and put glue on the outer side of each cap, and put them in a straight line on the ribbon.

Step 3: Use a thin paintbrush or toothpick to paint eyes, nose, mouth and buttons on the snowmen. Once they are dry, I add glitter powder.

Step 4: Tie ribbon or yarn between the first and second bottle caps to make a scarf and accent with a button if you want.


That’s it.
The workmanship is very simple, fast and inexpensive.

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