The color and shape of the devices affect how we perceive food, British scientists have found. They are advised to avoid the color red to stimulate appetite.


In the way we perceive food involves many senses, not only the taste and texture of food are important, but also the flavor and appearance,“ the authors conclude the study, published in the scientific journal Fleyvar“. „Even before the food comes into our mouth, our brain has already made their judgment on it, and it affects the whole of our food experiencecomplement scientists from Oxford University. Red is particularly invidious.

Red can be used to serve food to people who need to restrict your diet, but not for people with very low weight,“ the researchers advise.


They made several studies using devices with different colors, shape, texture and weight to assess their impact on the taste of the dozens of volunteers. Scientists came to the conclusion that food on the knife has a salty flavor than when consumed with a spoon, fork or toothpick and it seems more expensive if you eat a light plastic spoon.

Earlier this year, another study found that hot chocolate is delicious when served in a glass of orange or cream than in white or red. However, experts believe that there is no magic formula and everything depends on the type of diet consumed.

For example, the yellow boxes improve the taste of lemon in soda and cold colors like blue impression for a refreshing drink. Drink in pink cup is perceived as sweet.


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