The green color is a common choice when it comes to interior design and decor of the home. See why choose green color for leading home and what to watch out for when you combine it with other colors from the palette.


Green and other colors at home

Many people underestimate the impact of the green, but the truth is that it is one of the freshest and refreshing in the color palette. Associated with spring, renewal, rebirth and hope, which makes it an appropriate choice for the main color in home decor. Another positive feature is its wealth of shades features.

Gallery 15 ideas for green home

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Pastel tones in the face of mint green calming effect and are suitable for retro style of the 60s. If you want to achieve the effect of a fresh spring morning, then go apple green. Quite aristocratic and luxurious stay emerald green, which is a suitable choice for classic-style décor.

Recently are more modern shades like lime, pear, pea green, and the so-called color pistachios (pistachio).

Gallery Home in fresh green

The green color is a little more involved when it comes to combining with other colors, but also no shortage of options here. The most common are combinations of green and dark brown or green and beige. Have also been used combinations of green and blue, green and yellow, green and white. Especially fashionable are more daring combinations such as green and blue or green and raspberry.
Green home – decor and furnishings

The green color is a good choice for home decor as it suits different types of styles in interior. Depending on the nuances he can furnish the room with both vintage items as well as more contemporary details. Green is the perfect choice for a home in a tropical style but also suits the coastal interior style as well as the so-called cottage style characteristic of American homes.

Gallery House with green interior

In the event that you choose the green color basic for painting the walls, then it combined with dark wood furniture and accents in beige. Of green suit also furniture from natural materials such as bamboo and rattan. Be bolder and fill your room with mood by combining green walls and colorful rug in rich colors.
Gallery Green ideas for home and garden“
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