In the month of wine and in the season of cold weather many people rely on the warming effect of the divine drink. If you have collected a certain amount of corks from wine bottles, see how you can use them for original projects. 5 ideas with corks.
Most ideas with corks do not require special arsenal of materials to be realized. It is enough to have the right amount of caps, with gun hot silicon template, frame or line to line corks.Pad for hot objectsWhether it is a cork pad hot pots and pans or small coasters on which to put the cup of tea or coffee, this idea will surely come in handy. See step by step how to make spectacular coasters from corks.

Board reminder.The nice thing about the cork is that you can use it as a material for the manufacture of Billboard reminder. Another option is to cover with cork outer halves of the empty can. So think twice and pencil.
Cork mat.Ideal for rainy days when you want to put wet boots or shoes so as not to turn the hall or corridor in a sea of ​​puddles. Mat of corks can put in the bath to bath or shower.
Corks as part of the decor.
Use the collected corks as an element in home decor. In a glass jar with a wide neck place a small cup, which has a tea candle. Fill the space between the jar and glass with corks. Another option is to make a decorative ball of cork. With the same success will serve you and the original front door wreath made ​​of corks. To make it more interesting advance can color plugs in appropriate colors.
In the garden.
When opening a bottle of wine with a corkscrew cork acquired a small hole where you can spit stuck to the grill. Itself cork did write the name of the spice or plant to grow in the chest.
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