The lawn area is an important area in the garden. He should always cared to look, so that the garden in general makes an attractive impression. Since this is also spread quickly, limits must be set, which separate it from beds. To this end, lawn edges are very well suited. We have some great examples of the design of the edge of the lawn in the garden prepared for you, and a selection of materials that are often used for this.

Select any option for your garden design and create a tidy garden.

Make Rasenkante in the garden and flower beds


But not only the lawn can penetrate into the bed. If you are planning the two areas, so lawn and plant beds, keep in mind that your decorative plants and flowers can grow beyond the edge of the lawn in the garden over time. This is not necessarily visually unattractive. However, in this way the plants are damaged when mowing the lawn and you do not want safe. Have a aureichend large distance between the first row of plants and edging.

English lawn edge in the garden


If you like the natural look in the garden, then the English lawn edge is the right option for you. Here, no bed enclosure or the like is used. The lawn instead goes directly over the bed. As nice as this variant of the edge of the lawn in the garden is also, this form is to service complex than other options. Namely, the limit must be renewed every few weeks, or, be reshaped. For this purpose, almost cut the lawn. For a straight bed, this is done quite quickly with some auxiliary means.

Sting Rasenkante


You can use a wooden board or another straight tool to make an equally straight lawn edge in the garden. Put it along the flower bed, so that the excess part of the grass is behind it. With a spade or a lawn edger you can easily stand out everything superfluous, then remove the remains.

Paved Rasenkante


Much easier the lawn edge is designed in the garden, if you are using for this purpose cobblestones. It can hereby models of concrete or stone are chosen that are offered in this matching shapes. Depending on the shape of the bed, the paving stones are chosen as a bed enclosure.

Bed enclosure with little care


Do you want it more romantic than with concrete, select stones of granite, brick or bricks to make a lawn edge in the garden. In this case joints formed through which the grass can penetrate again, every two years must be taken precautions: Lay called offset, which prevents this.

How embarrassed stones?


The laying of the stones is not so difficult. First go as when English lawn edge in the garden. Did you just tapped the lawn, you need to add between lawn and flower bed a small ditch, into which fit the pavers perfectly. They should be one to two centimeters higher than the lawn finally. Fill vacancies with sand and earth (earth between the stone and grass and sand between the stones) and stomp everything firmly.

Cobbles in beds


With the paving stones can already be difficult to make a straight line for the edge of the lawn in the garden. But there is a simple, yet practical trick you can not apply. Relax completely simply a string along the flower bed that you can use for orientation. In this way, you can also determine the amount and make wonderful evenly.

Lawn edge of metal


You will find the idea of English lawn edge in the garden very well, however, find the care to elaborate? Then the lawn edge of metal is a good alternative. namely set a perfect border, but fall far less on how the cobbles. The choice also comes to suite your taste and the look you want to achieve, at. Do you consider the visible enclosure as decorative that you choose the stones.

Lawn edge in the garden – metal species


The metal edge of the lawn in the garden is available in aluminum, stainless steel or steel zerzinktem. Since the elements are flexible, can be not only straight frame perfectly with them beds, but also rounded such. The width can be selected differently. is being Beet and lawn on one level, ranging from 10 cm completely. Is there again a difference in height, you can support the higher bed with a 30 cm wide lawn edge of metal.

Easy installation


Another advantage of the metal edge of the lawn in the garden is that you dont have to dig, to get them into the ground. The slender material may be in most cases, namely with a hammer into the ground easily. This also saves a lot of time and effort. Use this best a rubber mallet to avoid damaging the metal. Have no rubber mallet, insert a piece of wood to the metal as a base.

Plastic for lawn edges


A similar version of the lawn edge in the garden is a model made of plastic or rubber. Since most recycled materials are used, this variant is not only environmentally friendly, but also cheaper. But bring an artificial model again the disadvantage that a small ditch must be prepared.

Disadvantages of plastic


In addition, the material can not withstand the time the weather. The parts above ground level are brittle and fragile as they are constantly exposed to the hot sun. The parts of the lawn edge in the garden under the ground are again strained by the moisture in the soil and can rot over time.

The correct height


When Angraben pay attention to the proper depth. It is important that is the amount estimated so that the plastic or rubber when mowing can not be damaged. To this end, the edge of the lawn will be voted in the garden either at the level of the lawn, or, at a higher bed, at its height.

A final section


Whatever Rasenkante in the garden you choose an additional section at the edge of the lawn after mowing will always be necessary. The reason is that the mower can not reach up to the edge. The bed enclosure made of metal makes this the trimmer from nothing, so you can use him wonderfully in this case.

Practical garden tools


If you select a different material for the edge of the lawn in the garden, your best bet is a pair of scissors. A particularly practical solution for this handwork is the cordless grass shear. This shortens the work time considerably and makes the work in general easier.

Width Rasenkante


Use the edge of the lawn in the garden broader stones or plates, you can make wonderful gleichzweitig narrow garden paths, where you can stroll in the garden. In this way you also protect the lawn. In addition, the broad lines that arise, let the garden seem attractive and well-kept.

undulating shapes


Create the bed in any form, and then disconnect it in any way from the lawn. The lawn edge in the garden can even look quite artfully, as is the case in this garden. Use was incidentally a bed enclosure made of concrete, which will retune itself every skeptic in relation to the material.

Concrete as a material


The advantage of concrete is that it is offered in a variety Asführungen. In this way, you can easily the right model to make the edge of the lawn in the garden of your Rosary perfect. Also in terms of colors, there is a greater choice so that the boring, gray look of the concrete thing of the past.

We make garden with stone


The lawn edge in the garden does not have to disconnect from the lawn a classic bed. Other decorative areas can be protected in this manner from the invasive grass. The contrast between the materials and structures is in this way even framed perfectly and additionally emphasized.


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