Christmas is the only holiday that fills us with such joy and magic. In these last days and weeks of the year, the Christmas spirit dwell in us.

Christmas is a good time to show your creativity and cunning skills while decorate decoration home.

Here are Top 36 great , easy and affordable DIY Christmas decorations .

DIY Christmas: Christmas decoration on the balcony in winter shape – 16 beautiful ideas

If we want to do something great for this holiday is a time to start thinking and prepare to materyali and ideas. You can make unique decorations and ornaments for the home. We have collected 30 of the best and easy DIY ideas for creative Christmas decorations to ISCAR great holiday.



1. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments DIY-Christmas-Decorations-1

2.Simple Filled and Painted Ornaments DIY-Christmas-Decorations-2

  3. Recycled CD Mosaic Ornaments DIY-Christmas-Decorations-3

4. DIY Hot Air Balloon Ornaments


5. Christmas Tree Ornaments Made Out Of Old Computer Memory Chips DIY-Christmas-Decorations-5

6. Santa Hats!!! Crafting….Crafting….and More Crafting…. DIY-Christmas-Decorations-6

7. Rustic Snowflake


8. Stemware Snow Globe DIY-Christmas-Decorations-8

9. Christmas Tree Mobile Consisting Of Suspended Bulb Ornaments DIY-Christmas-Decorations-9

10. Santa Hat Chair Covers


11. Ice Cream Ornaments


12. Pastel-Colored Trees Made Out of Pasta DIY-Christmas-Decorations-12

13. Cheap Straws Into Beautiful Gold Ornaments DIY-Christmas-Decorations-13

14. santa silverware holder


15. Yarn Ball Wreath


16. Delightful tea cup Christmas ornament DIY-Christmas-Decorations-16

17. Christmas Tree made from Books DIY-Christmas-Decorations-17

18.How to make Waterless Snow Globes DIY-Christmas-Decorations-18

19. Plastic Cup Snowman Craft


20. DIY Glitter Vase


21. Reindeer feet cute craft for little ones DIY-Christmas-Decorations-21

22. Christmas Tree Made Of Feathers DIY-Christmas-Decorations-22

23. Epsom salt/gold spray paint DIY christmas wine bottle craft DIY-Christmas-Decorations-23

24. Christmas Wreath made from Toilet Paper Roll DIY-Christmas-Decorations-24

25. Fruit Christmas Tree


26. DIY Christmas Ball Ornaments DIY-Christmas-Decorations-26

27. Minimalist Ladder Christmas Tree DIY-Christmas-Decorations-27

28. Interesting Rudolph made from old puzzle pieces DIY-Christmas-Decorations-28

29. Jingle Bell Stockings


31. Tissue Paper Christmas Tree DIY-Christmas-Decorations-31

32. Christmas tree&ornaments made from wine corks DIY-Christmas-Decorations-32


34. Ornaments in a shadowbox DIY-Christmas-Decorations-34

35. COUNTRY ORNAMENT DIY DIY-Christmas-Decorations-35

36. Easy paper ice cream ornaments DIY-Christmas-Decorations-36

Plastic Bottles Into Snowflake Ornaments DIY-Christmas-Decorations-37

How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake DIY-Christmas-Decorations-38

Folded Paper Christmas Tree DIY-Christmas-Decorations-39

Giant Advent Calendar DIY DIY-Christmas-Decorations-40

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Wall Decor DIY-Christmas-Decorations-41

Snowman hand-painted wine bottle with lights inside DIY-Christmas-Decorations-42

Glittered Christmas Light Bulbs DIY-Christmas-Decorations-43

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