It’s really funny. Valentines day is one of those holidays that I don’t always decorate for. It’s one of those holidays that I have to be really inspired to even acknowledge with my home decor & this year I was inspired! What inspired me you ask? Target. The answer is always Target isn’t it? I was walking through Target the other day & spotted some lovely valentines day items in their dollar spot & picked some up to do some DIY projects with. I played around with some of the fun “love day” things today & made some super simple DIY valentines day garland that you can make too!


Adorable right? You are going to flip when you see how easy it was to make. Well, maybe some of you have already seen these sweet little heart bags at Target, but if you haven’t, you need to run & go look for them. But watch out, that dollar section will suck you in!


So, like I said these little heart pouches were in the dollar section at Target & I snatched up a few. The red yarn was also found in the dollar section as well. I laid out the yarn to the length I wanted the garland & then laid out the pouches to the length of the yarn. After I had them all situated I started tying the pouches to the yarn. That’s it. Ok, now that I typed that out I feel like this DIY was maybe too easy to blog. Oh man. Well, it’s still cute though right? If you can’t find the heart pouches then I suggest taking some square pieces of fabric or finding some plain pouches & stamping a red heart on them. Then  attach ties in the corner to attach to the yarn & boom, you have some DIY valentines day garland.

diy-valentines-day-garland-004 diy-valentines-day-garland-005 diy-valentines-day-garland-006

What do you think of my DIY garland? I will be back next week with some more valentines day posts so stay tuned for those. Maybe I am now a yearly valentines day decorator? We will see! Oh, & those pink striped pillows were made by my amazing mother-in-law & they will be in my booth at Painted Farm Girl next week as well. I am a little obsessed with them, but alas I can’t keep every pillow in the world because I’m already a pillow hoarder. Let me know what you think of the garland in the comments below, find me on Facebook, or chat with me on Google +!


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