If you have not decided what to do to surprise your loved one on Valentine’s Day will give you a good idea to create an original and romantic gift – heart of roses.
Will surely impress much with this great gift for Valentine’s Day.

Here’s how to work it out step by step.

Valentine's day gift idea cut floral foam heart form fruit cake

To make this fascinating Valentine’s day gift idea, we need:

– floral foam;
– big ripe strawberries;
– fresh roses;
– the rose foliage;
– decorative pins;
– red ribbon;
– wire;
– 5-20 toothpicks.

Soak the flower foam in water – it will help keep roses fresh up to 7 days. Cut the rose blossoms but leave a stem lenght at about 3 cm.

Valentine's day gift idea interesting decor project fresh red roses

Insert the rosebuds in the heart-shaped foam, close to each other.

valentines day gift idea flower arrangement floral foam base

Separate the leaves from the stems.

Homemade Valentine's day gift idea loved one handmade surprise rose leaves

Cover the sides of the floral foam by using the rose foliage. Let the leaves overlap and secure with pins.

Homemade Valentine's day gift  fresh roses strawberries arrangement pins stick

Now we must prepare the other part of our foam heart for the strawberries. To do this, cover the second half of the heart with green leaves and secure again with some pins.

Valentine’s day gift idea – roses and strawberries decoration

valentine's day gift idea homemade flower heart special day

Place strawberries on the other half of the heart by fixing them with toothpicks as shown.

valentines day gift idea fresh strawberries fruit flower tutorial

We will add one more detail to this beautiful arrangement. Cute the rose stems into 3-4 cm sticks.

valentines day gift idea how to make loved one surprise diy stalk cutting

Take three sticks and tie them together by leaving longer wire ends – about 2-3 cm.

valentines day gift idea stems wire tie diy handmade flower fruit cake

Tie around the wire a bright red ribbon to add colour.

homemade valentines day gift idea small decorative ribbon stems

Then attach the composition here and there alongside the floral foam.

valentines day gift idea small red decorative ribbons ornaments

diy heart shaped arrangement loved one surprise valentines day gift idea

Our original heart-shaped arrangement of strawberries and roses is ready! Now you can give your heart to your loved one! We wish you all happiness, love and endless inspiration !

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