Snow globes are so magical. I remember being entranced by them as a child and even today I love watching the „snow“ inside drift slowly to the bottom. Audrey shares my fascination with snow globes so we decided to make some for her preschool friends in honor of Valentine’s Day.


To make Snow Globe Valentines you’ll need:
-glass baby food jars
-2″ styrofoam balls
-pipe cleaners
-glitter (we used Martha Stewart Crafts Tinsel Glitter)
-serrated knife
-hot glue gun + hot glue sticks
-spray paint (for the baby food jar lids)


Start by painting the lids of your baby food jars. They will need about 24 hours drying time.

When your lids are dry you can assemble your snow globes. Using the serrated knife cut one rounded side off a styrofoam ball. You want the cut piece to fit inside the the center of the jar lid, leaving enough space for lid to tighten securely when it’s put back on the jar.


Next form the pipe cleaner into a heart shape. Twist the bottom two ends a couple of times to secure.

Stick the twisted ends of the pipe cleaner heart into the center of the cut styrofoam piece.


Trim off the ends of the pipe cleaner.


Using your hot glue gun secure the styrofoam piece to the inside center of the lid.


While the hot glue dries, fill the jar with water. Add 1 tsp of glycerin and as much tinsel glitter as you like. We used about 1 tsp or so.


Finally, attach a cute tag and deliver to your loves.


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